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Location Photo Shoot with laura Rose Jones

Been a crazy week with Photo Shoots, been here, there and everywhere! I have been lucky enough to shoot in some amazing locations and venues, here’s a pic from Glamour Model Laura Rose  Jones shot at a boxing club called The Ring in south east London. You may have seen Laura Rose in the press recently……  More images from recent location shoots coming soon, so keep an eye on my galleries. If your Model, Dance, Actor and what to find out more about shooting on Location then feel free to get in touch.. peace ;)

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Jakki Degg glamour model Photo Shoot

Jakki Degg’s  photo Shoot for Jacked mag  This exclusive picture set can only be viewed for FREE  at So what you waiting for?? go get jacked in………………………

Love me or hate me...

Inspired by the lyric “You could love me or hate me, I swear it won’t make me or break me”, became the idea behind the final image. The shot was a random bit of fun at the end of the day with a close friend who I wont name ;) lol… well done tho.

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Been one crazy week at the studio. Guess who else popped in? The very hot Temptress Charlotte Devaney of the Narni Shakers! This bad ass girl needed a fresh set of wicked DJ promotional shots for her music repertoire.

On hand for the shoot was the talented make up artist Michelle Court.

Many more pics of Miss Davaneys coming soon to Gallery, showcasing her Musical goods ;)

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